Pemba Tshering

Pemba Tshering

Climbing Guide


Born and brought up at Namche in Solukhumbu district of Nepal, he is a highly skilled and experienced regular climbing guide cum instructor involved in seasonal work at Khumbu Climbing Centre ( KCC). He has extensive climbing experience and perfect knowledge in using climbing equipment, ropes, ice-axes, crampons etc. necessary for high altitude climbs. Besides, he has very good experience working as Icefall doctor in the Khumbu Icefall, fixing ropes, ladders and other specific climbing equipment to create and maintain a safe route for climbers throughout the climbing seasons.  He knows how risky and challenging his job as an Icefall guardian is, he has a strong passion for climbing and always feels a sense of accomplishment to support other climbers on their journey to the top of the highest peaks.




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