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Climbing low altitude peaks in Nepal is a recreational and fun-filled activity for many adventure enthusiasts. Both trekking and climbing has become so popular. In Nepal 33 peaks with an altitude up to 6600 meters have been chosen as trekking peaks. Some of them are technically very difficult to climb. We offer both trekking and peak climbing trips to the Khumbu, Langtang, Annapurna and Manang areas providing all necessary climbing equipment (on hiring basis), reliable Porters and relevant climbing permits.

Climbing trekking peaks is like going from a start point (base camp) to summit and then return to base camp. The climbing journey lasts for two or three days, depending on the types of peaks and difficulties. But, trekking is usually longer than climbing. Unlike mountaineering expeditions, trekking peak climbing is relatively easy and does not require technical skills and more equipment. Whichever trekking peaks in the Everest, Annapurna and Manang you choose in Nepal, make sure to go with a certified guide that can help you with logistics, keep you safe trekking and make the ascent and summit successfully.  Anyone can go trekking and peak climbing regardless of age, gender or fitness level. Trekking peak climbing is such an activity that allows you to get the best of climbing experience with minimum risks. Not only is trekking well for your physical health, but it is also a great way to release stress. After walking several days through the varying terrains in the high -altitude regions, you will reach base camp, where you spend 2 days to attempt the summit of the trekking peak. For climbing we provide necessary ropes, crampons and ice ax, sunglasses, gaiters etc. As you walk at high altitudes in mountains, the chance of altitude sickness is very frequent. So, you need to walk gently, spend some days for proper acclimatization and maintain hydration.  You will also have a few benefits of climbing. It helps in your cardiovascular fitness. You will know how to climb with a rope and use of climbing gear. You are also able to maintain your physical and mental health.

Nepal Fair Trekking organize some of the most popular trekking peaks like Mera Peak, Island Peak, Louche East Peak and, Khongma-tse Peak, Nirekha Peak in the Everest region, Pisang Peak, Chulu East Peak, Chulu west Peak in the Annapurna region and Lang tang area to remote Far West to Far East areas. All our trekking peaks are led by our well-experienced team of guides with full support of high quality climbing and camping equipment to make the summit a huge success and safe descent.



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