Multiple Activities

Nepal Fair Step Trekking beckons adventurers with an extensive menu of thrilling activities that promise to ignite your passion for exploration. From the heart-pounding rush of navigating wild rapids during our white-water rafting excursions to the sheer vertical challenges of rock climbing and ice climbing, we provide unparalleled opportunities to conquer Nepal’s formidable terrain. If you’re an adrenaline seeker, our bungee jumping experiences will have you taking the ultimate leap, while our mountain flights offer a panoramic spectacle of the Himalayan giants. For those who yearn to touch the sky, paragliding grants the freedom to gracefully glide through the air, providing a unique perspective on Nepal’s breathtaking landscapes. With Nepal Fair Step Trekking, each day brings a new adventure, and every moment is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the extraordinary.

Though geographically, Nepal is a small country, it is very rich in terms of multiple adventure sports in the world. Why don’t you try something new and something full of excitement and thrill in any adventure sport besides your major activity, whether it be trekking or climbing?

Nepal Fair Step Trekking has been at the forefront to organize of adventure activities in Nepal. We invite every adventure seeker to join us and have a great experience.




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