Hard-Core Adventures

Nepal is a hub for adventure enthusiasts. Blessed with 8 out of the world’s 14 tallest Himalayan mountains over 8,000 m, trekking peaks, trekking hiking, beautiful rivers, amazing diverse terrain, culture, heritage sites, and other natural wonders, Nepal has become the epitome of adventure sports in the world.

A multi-activity is a mix of outdoor adventures that range from trekking, wildlife safaris, exciting river rafting, kayaking, paragliding, bungee jumping, zip-lining, mountain biking, rock climbing, and much more. One who is interested in any multi-activity before and after trekking and peak climbing will truly have a lifetime experience.

Though geographically, Nepal is a small country, it is very rich in terms of multiple adventure sports in the world. Why don’t you try something new and something full of excitement and thrill in any adventure sport besides your major activity, whether it be trekking or climbing?

Nepal Fair Step Trekking has been at the forefront to organize of adventure activities in Nepal. We invite every adventure seeker to join us and have a great experience.



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