When selecting your personal items, keep in mind the number of days you'll be camping, the time of year and the altitude. We advise our clients to bring following items: 

Trekking Item:

Ø  Hiking boots

Ø  Snow gaiters

Ø  Socks

Ø  Trekking trousers / pants

Ø  Windproof and waterproof over trousers / rain-pants

Ø  Underwear

Ø  Long johns (thermal underwear)

Ø  Fleece trousers

Ø  Shorts

Ø  Thermal base layer shirts (2 short sleeved, 2 long sleeves)

Ø  T-shirts or similar

Ø  Fleece jacket or warm jumper/sweater

Ø  Windproof and waterproof jacket with hood

Ø  Warm jacket (down)

Ø  Sunhat

Ø  Warm cap and thermal balaclava

Ø  Eyewear - Sunglasses

Ø  Thermal gloves or mittens

Ø  Warm and waterproof over gloves or mittens

Ø  Daypack minimum 40 litres / 2500 cubic inches

Ø  Headtorch/Headlamp with spare bulb and batteries

Ø  Sun protection (including total bloc for lips, nose etc.)

Ø    1 Littre  Water bottles x2

Ø  Selection of dry bags (to keep trek bag contents dry)

Ø  5 season sleeping bag

Ø  Washbag and toiletries

Ø  Antibacterial hand wash

Ø  Small Towel

Ø  Small padlock (to lock trek bag)

Ø  Basic First Aid Kit including Broad spectrum antibiotic, antiseptic cream, throat lozenges, diarrhoea treatment (Imodium), altitude (Diamox), painkillers, plasters (band-aids) and blister treatment, and re-hydration salts (Dioralite).


Mountaineering Equipment:

Ø  Mountaineering double boots

Ø  Crampons

Ø  Mountaineering or climbing harness

Ø  Carabiners (3x screw gate)

Ø   ‘Figure of 8’ descender   (rappelling device)

Ø  Helmet

Ø  Ice Axe

The following items are optional:

Ø  Travel clothes

Ø  Trainers / sneakers or similar for camp use

Ø  Trekking poles

Ø  Sleeping bag liner

Ø  Nailbrush

Ø  Pee bottle

Ø  Spare laces

Ø  Camera, SD card , batteries

Ø  Altimeter

Ø  Compass

Ø  Binoculars

Ø  Books/magazines

Ø  GPS unit

Ø  Diary or notebook plus pencil/pen

Ø  Penknife (remember to pack all sharp objects in hold baggage)