Nepal Fair Step Trekking “stands for fairness”:
Our philosophy/ motto: …to give our guests an experience that others cannot deliver!!!

  • With fairness towards our guest
  • With fairness towards local people
  • With fairness towards Nature & country

1. Nepal Fair Step Trekking is under local authentic management. We have been working in Nepalese tourism for more than a decade. We would like to show you our rich culture &tradition, history and natural beauty in our local way.

2. We organize your trip itineraries according to your requirements. We are flexible to tailor your trip to your time and budget.

3. Nepal Fair Step Trekking stands for appropriate shelter, fair wages, health and medical insurance and good working conditions for guides, Sherpa and porters during the trekking.

Due to increasing unemployment there is an unhealthy/unfair labor competition that makes people's lives worse. This has a negative effect on society. Therefore, Nepal Fair Step Trekking wants to stop labor corruption/exploitation through a fair work-pay policy.

Unfortunately there are many agencies and unauthorized persons/parties that offer similar trips for lower prices, but you will probably end up worse. We have experienced that many of the other agencies do not care about their porters, Sherpa, guides and local people.

4. Nepal Fair Step Trekking is trustworthy in its high standards of service and commits itself to providing the best quality service at a low overall cost.