Nepal children welfare club (NCW Club) is a non-governmental and non-profit making organization founded by a team of committed active and energetic youths deeply committed to doing something worthwhile to the motherland and humanities. It is a club that makes its best efforts to render social services and uplift the personal social and educational conditions of those children who come from different parts of Nepal and who are physical, socially and geographically back warded and exploited. 
The club helps those children who are poverty- stricken, street children, socially disabled and needy ones. Likewise, many hundreds of children are found roaming the streets aimlessly, with empty stomachs and insecure livelihood. Similarly, other thousands of children are deprived of primary education because of being orphans, poor, victim of violence and so on. We are deeply committed to facilitating the by providing school education, vocational training, accommodations and clothing as far as possible to ensure their bright future and make them good citizens of out motherland. 
A significant number of children in Nepal are deprived of an opportunity to receive education and are forced to work, eke out a living and numerous children live a miserable life due to various reasons. The following are the some of the problems N.C.W. club has pointed out: 
Poverty, lack of education and inequality, 
Displacement due to political disorder and present violence 
Racial and sex discrimination 
Lack of standard public schools in Nepal, 
The topography of Nepal.